Welcome to Communication Systems!

  • Course Description: Communication Systems is an exciting half year course that allows the students to learn about Adobe Suite video editing software and the windows computer environment. Students in this class will make a variety of videos. Students will learn how to create a "green screen" color key in the style of "Who's Line is it Anyway", craft a parity in the style of "Saturday Night Live", turn in 100 photos into a picture project with music, create a music video like those on TV as well asother fun projects. This course qualifies students to become a member of QTV morning announcements. 

    NOTE: This course can be combined with Computer Applications. This course will then be a one credit, full year course with the emphasis on the many computer programs geared towards STEM education and Desktop Publishing. This combined course will fulfill 1/2 credit for Art/Music and 1/2 credit for Computer Requirement. 

    Prerequisites: None

    Grade Requirement: None