Welcome to Entrepreneurship in Graphic Communications!

  • Course Description: Entrepreneurship in Graphic Communication introduces the process of the printing and publishing industry. This course is influenced by a highly computerized field that uses sophisticated computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Roland Versaworks, along with the use of a state of the art Vinyl/Cutter printer. The course consists of modules, where students design and create media such as decals, logos, banners, signage, and posters, as the end product of a student run business. This year long course emphasizes the personal, business, and economic system focusing on design and innovation. Hands-on learning accounts for 75% of the instructional time with many of the projects revolving around the graphic design industry. The other 25% of instructional time is dedicated to learning programs and building a successful business model. Career opportunities will also be explored in the graphic communications field. This is a full year course.

    Prerequisites: Computer Applications, Photography 1, or Digital Imagery

    Grade Requirement: 10, 11, 12