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    Information from the Kindergarten Teachers


        We hope this information provides answers and guidance to your questions.  For additional information, please contact your child's teacher.  We look forward to working with you and your child!



    Appropriate Attire


        The children participate in Physical Education twice a week.  In addition, weather permitting, the class will go outside for recess each day.  Therefore, we recommend that children wear sneakers daily.  Children should also be appropriately dressed for outdoor play.  Boots, gloves/mittens, heavy jackets, snow pants and hats are a necessity for cold weather. 



    Lunch & Snack Time

    Lunch:  Each class is scheduled for a 30-minute lunch period in our cafeteria.  We recommend that children do not buy lunch during the first few months of school.  The cafeteria can be overwhelming to kindergartners, and we have found that buying a lunch (i.e. handling money, making lunch selections, carrying a lunch tray) can add additional stress to the children.  By November, most kindergartners are comfortable enough with the cafeteria procedures to begin buying his/her lunch.

        Please label your child's lunch bag/box.  If your child is buying a lunch, snack or milk, please send any money to school in a labeled change purse or ziplock bag.

    Snack time: Please provide a small, nutritious snack for your child every day that will be easy for him/her to manage and one that does not require refrigeration.  Some suggestions are crackers, graham crackers, fruits, vegetables, rice cakes, raisins, pretzels, granola bars, applesauce or fruit bars.



    Specials/Co-Curricular:    Each week, kindergartners participate in co-curricular classes: Art, Music, Physical Education (twice weekly), Library, and Computer Class.  The classes are 45-minutes in length and are taught by a teacher certified in the area of expertise.



    Birthday Celebrations in School

        The Kindergarten teachers are happy to celebrate your child's birthday in school.  Please feel free to send in a treat of your choice.  If you are sending in a drink, please also send in cups.  Napkins are another welcome party supply.  For ease in serving the children, cupcakes, cookies or similar single-serving items are preferred.  Please avoid sending in whole cakes or ice cream cakes.  In addition, we ask that parents not send in gum, balloons, candles or other decorations.  Your cooperation is appreciated.