• Beautiful Boy

    by David Scheff Year Published: Sociology

    This is the story of addiction through the eyes of the father of the addict. This book should be read with Tweak because it is the addict's version of the same story.


    Note: This book is available in our Library.

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  • In the Garden of Beasts

    by Erik Larson Year Published: 2011 AP World

    Gives a detailed of account of Hitler's rise to power in Germany through the eyes of the American Ambassador to Germany pre- World War II.

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  • German Boy

    by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel Year Published: 2000 AP World

    The story follows a young German boy as the Third Reich falls and he has to survive with his mother and family after Germany has lost. 

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  • The Smartest Guys in the Room

    by Bethany McLean Year Published: 2013 Economics
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