• Obligations of Membership

    Students who accept membership and are inducted into the O.P.H.S. chapter of N.H.S. should be aware of the time and commitment involved with this honor.  There will be required chapter meetings occurring on a regular basis.  The yearly meeting schedule and attendance obligations will be published in September.  Members must also participate in chapter and individual service projects to benefit the school and community.  Members are required to complete 15 hours of community service and serve as a peer-tutor throughout their senior year. 


    • Everyday Scholarship is a commitment to learning and growing on an educational path.  It means making the most of the educational opportunities provided and seeking out learning opportunities, not only in school but personally.  Everyday Scholarship does not require a minimum GPA, but, it does require effort.  More importantly, it stems from a desire to contribute to this world in a positive way by building on one's own knowledge, skills, and talents through new experiences.
    • Everyday Service is seeking out and engaging in meaningful service.  It calls for a service mindset, the desire to seek opportunities to help others, as well as acts of service.  National Honor Society members are required to meet a minimum service participation requirement of 15 hours.  This must be completed by the winter of their senior year.  The specific completion date will be published in September.  There is a myriad of opportunities to be found in our community under the Humanitarian Distinction Award page of the OPHS website. 
    • Everyday Leadership builds on Everyday Service and can often look very similar.  Everyday Leadership is carrying yourself with dignity and taking ownership and responsibility for your own actions and participation.  Being a public speaker, playing quarterback, or having an official title is not required for Everyday Leadership.  Everyday Leadership means being a role model, someone who takes action and responsibility, for their own pathway.
    • Everyday Character is valuing diverse cultures and building relationships that reflect a love of self and a concern for others.  There are endless attributes to good character:  perseverance, respect, integrity, honesty, sacrifice—the list goes on.  Good and noble character is a high calling.  We do not often “see” character unless there is a public display of self-sacrifice or, more frequently, a very public mistake.  Everyday Character is not about praiseworthy or blameworthy behavior but the personal commitment to ethical and compassionate decision-making that affects you and others.


    *OPHS follows the guidelines of the National Honor Society parent organization