• Congratulations 2024 graduates! Great things are made out of events that change the state of matter. How we tune into them depends on the lenses we use. Shown here are SuperNova 1987a infrared data taken from James Webb Telescope observations I colorized (using G Rauh's technique) to show the Eye Into the Universe. Different infrared wavelengths were captured in the Mid-Infrared (left image) and Near-Infrared (right image). The colorization process illustrates how the same object appears vastly differently looking through different lenses.

     You will be changed by events as you move ahead in time. Use every lens you can. - AZ

  • Gavin Rauh, Adam Ziccardi, Dr. Nathalie Nguyen-Quoc OuilletteJunior Gavin Rauh presents project to Canadian Space Agency's Dr Ouillette

    On April 22, 2023,  astro-physicist Dr Ouillette (right) presented the latest news on the James Webb Space Telescope to the Western New York Master teachers. Orchard Park HS junior, Gavin Rauh (left) presented his project on creating images from the publicly available JWST data sets. Adam Ziccardi, Orchard Park HS teacher (center), assisted Gavin and arranged the opportunity.

    Click here to see the file with workflow to create an image for Gavin's project.

    Click here to see the motivation.

    Click Here for Dr Ouillette's webpage.

    Click Here for JWST.

    If you are interested in any of these exciting new scientific opportunities, email Mr Ziccardi !


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