Shared Decision Making Committees

  • Shared Decision Making Groups 


    High School STAP-Comm 

    STAP Comm is Orchard Park High School’s special forum of student government, and one of the shared decision making units at the high school. STAP Comm is a group of students, teachers, administrators and parents, who address student issues, serve as a forum for discussion, develop leadership skills and promote school spirit. Meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the Commons.

    Instructional Leader Council

    Composed of an elected chairperson from each department within the school, high school principal, three house principals, school related professionals, two parents and a business representative. Concerned with curriculum matters such as new course, grading policies, special conferences dealing with instruction matters, testing, academic assessment, adoption of textbooks, high school budget and other matters pertaining to the instruction process. The group meets on the first Tuesday of the month through the school year. (2 year term)

    Building Effectiveness Team (BET)

    Made up of elected members from the Teachers Association, members from the School Related Professionals Staff Association, high school principal, three house principals, two parents and a business representative. A model of shared decision-making in terms of contractual issues that may arise and in terms of the good of the school.  BET also focuses on student morale, staff morale, the physical condition of the building, the welfare of students and staff, suggestion for improving the school, etc.  Meets on the second Wednesday of each month throughout the school year.


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