About Orchard Park High School


    Principal and DASA Coordinator: Mr. Brandon Pafk
    Main Office Phone: 209-6242

    Attendance: Mrs. Lynn Kruszka
    Attendance Office Phone: 209-6270

    Nurse: Mrs. Michelle Lucidi, RN
    Health Office Phone: 209-6296 

    House I Principal: Mr. Brandon Hafner
    House I Phone: 209-6213

    House I Counselors:
    Mrs. Jennifer Stahl ..... 209-6257                           
    Mr. Michael Behm  ..... 209-6256

    House I Social Worker: 
    Mrs. Amy Klube ..... 209-6202

    House II Principal: Mr. William Lynch
    House II Phone: 209-6223

    House II Counselors:
    Dr. Annemarie Cervoni ..... 209-6266                      
    Mr. Aaron Bove ..... 209-6265

    House II Social Worker: 
    Ms. Amanda Mohler..... 209-6218

    House III Principal: Mr. Daniel Reiford
    House III Phone: 209-6313

    House III Counselors:
    Mrs. Charity Burlingame... 209-6271  
    Mrs. Amy See    ..... 209-6272

    House III Social Worker: 
    Mr. Charles Kron ..... 209-6240

    Orchard Park High School serves approximately 1500 students in grades 9-12.  The school, led by the high school principal, is organized into three houses or units of approximately 500 students in grades 9-12. Each unit is headed by a house principal with two counselors, one secretary, and approximately 43 teachers. The students within each house are assigned to a core of grade level homerooms.  In turn, each homeroom is assigned one of the guidance counselors located in the house office.  Homerooms are kept intact throughout the student's high school career.  This aspect of the house plan affords the student and family a common and continuous contact with the school through the house principal, guidance counselor, and the homeroom teacher. Students are assigned to the same counselor for all four years. 

    House I consists of the Art, Business, Music, Special Education, and Physical Education/Health departments.
    House II consists of the Earth Science, Mathematics and Social Studies departments.
    House III consists of the Biology, Chemistry, English, Physics, Foreign Language, and Technology departments.

    Orchard Park High School's program of studies is comprehensive in nature with extensive education facilities available to serve those programs. The academic courses cover a wide variety of offerings in advanced placement, college preparatory, preparatory courses for two year and technical schools as well as small group remediation as needed.  Our occupational programs are enhanced by a wide variety of one- and two-year courses at separate occupational centers serving juniors and seniors. 

    During the school year, Orchard Park is visited by representatives from nearly 100 colleges and universities. 

    22 Units of Credit are required for graduation. The following must be included:

    4 Units of English
    3 Units of Mathematics            
    1/2 Unit of Health4 Units of Social Studies    
    3 Units of Science                    
    2 Units of Physical Education
    1 Unit of Art and/or Music 
    1/2 Unit of Computer Science or Personal Finance (based on cohort)   
    1 Unit of a Second Language
    3 Units of Elective Credits

    An Advanced Regents Diploma is also available to students who complete additional requirements.
  • Brandon Pafk
    Mr. Brandon Pafk
    Orchard Park High School Principal

    Brandon Hafner
    Mr. Brandon Hafner
    House I Principal 

    William Lynch
    Mr. William Lynch
    House II Principal

    Dan Reiford
    Mr. Daniel Reiford
    House III Principal