Parent Volunteer Program

  • Parent Volunteer Duties, Obligations, and Responsibilities

    After participating in an initial orientation/in-service, a parent volunteer only needs to attend a subsequent training upon changing schools or levels. The parent volunteer, however, is still required to annually read and acknowledge with his or her signature, the duties, obligations and expectations of a responsible parent volunteer.

    The following guidelines/procedures shall serve as a review of your important role in our schools:

    • Sign in at the welcome desk or other designated area. Obtain a visitor's badge and wear it while performing your volunteer duty. Report to your assignment and check-in with the staff member in charge. Sign out and return your identification badge.

    • If you witness a medical incident, immediately report it to the teacher.

    • Exit the building during fire alarms and quietly wait outside for further directions, or for the signal to re- enter the building.

    • Demonstrate respectful behavior. Address teachers by their title (i.e., Mr., Mrs.). Discuss concerns with the teacher confidentially and away from students. 

    • Establish a line of communication, know the expectation of your assignment, and ask for clarification if necessary.

    • If you cannot honor your commitment, contact the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

    • Do not discipline students. If the teacher does not witness a behavioral incident, immediately report it to the teacher.

    • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Do not discuss your observations of students with others, including behavior or academic performance.  Do not discuss your child's performance.

    • Siblings are not permitted to accompany you on assignments.

    If you are interested in volunteering at Windom Elementary School, please complete the Parent Volunteer Application and return it to the Main Office as soon as possible along with your signed Volunteer Acknowledgement form.

    If you have already attended a Parent Volunteer Orientation at Windom in the past, print the Volunteer Acknowledgement Form below, sign it, and return it to Main Office as soon as possible.

    Please click the link below for District Volunteer information.

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